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  • Property Outlook in Singapore for 2017

    Singaporeans have been very vocal lately about property prices in Singapore. Property prices have sky rocketed following the recovery from the United States financial meltdown of 2008. Actually, property prices have increased a whole lot that it’s costing many first-time buyers. Today with cheap funding available all over the world, there is a huge inflow of money in to the Singapore Property Market. Singapore Property Market – A Haven for Investors It is easy to do business in Singapore as compared to other countries in the entire world. Moreover, this is a country which focus on regulation and order. There … Read more

  • Is it a buyers’ market now in Singapore? You Decide

    Singapore is amongst the rapidly growing countries on the planet. For the last few years, Singapore is offering several businesses opportunities to each small and medium sized enterprises and corporate titans. For this reason many organisations across the globe are now thinking about starting their offices or even head offices in Singapore. Singapore is the best marketplace for buyers Singapore is one of the most flexible countries to carry out your business. Along with this, it is a nation which gives top priority to regulation and order. Additionally, there are rigid laws set up to guard buyers and investors. A … Read more

  • Overview of Singapore property market– A Guide to investors

    Overview of Singapore property market– A Guide to investors The past couple of years have already been good years for Singapore real estate industry, up until the latest “cooling down” steps undertaken from the Singapore government. This article will provide vital information to the people already into Singapore Property Marketplace or would like to enter the market and this will give the understanding of Singapore property as well as its advantages. Perfect Environment for Investors As per Index of the Economic Freedom created in 2013, Singapore is actually the second freest economy on earth. Corruption Directory ranks this Asian country … Read more

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